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Robin Hood New Peer Middle Managers Learning Group

Dear Community Partner, In September 2022, we will be launching our new peer learning group for middle managers who are leaders of color. Details are included below. Please note we are only accepting one nomination per community partner at this time.   The Middle Manager Peer Learning Group will support leaders of color in developing advanced soft and hard skills through training, peer coaching, and leadership consulting. During a ten-month-long forum,15 middle managers will be introduced to research-based concepts, strategies, and real-work scenarios that position them to leverage advancement opportunities and align their individual goals with their organization’s strategic priorities. The topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Personal trust and confidence
  • Time management
  • Leadership and communication styles
  • Achieving peak performance while working-through tension
  • Avoiding burnout and reaching career satisfaction
  • Social-awareness and relational-engagement
  • Coaching and delegating to enhance performance
  • Communication, negotiation, and the decision-making process
  • Creating systems, structures, and workflows
  • Improving the continuum of program services and product design
  • Developing partnerships and retaining valuable relationships
  • Effective contract and operations management
  • Managing conflict, resistance, and ambiguity
Lessons related to race, power, leading Diversity Equity, and Inclusion efforts, managing a post-pandemic workplace, and the “great resignation” impact will be a component of the program. To create an effective, confidential, and candid learning environment for the process, we’ve arranged for the peer group to be facilitated by Tirza Barnes and Mahdi Davenport, who are solution-focused trainers skilled in leadership consulting, and nonprofit management, social justice, and life coaching. Tirza and Mahdi are master facilitators who foster a climate of trust, safety, transparency, and commitment to group formation and are skilled in navigating complicated conversations, inviting self-introspection and diversity of thought in a team’s leadership work. To learn more about the Middle Manager Peer Learning Group, please read the program description in the linked document. Program Dates: From September 2022 to June 2023
  • Orientation session -September 28 or 29 2022 from 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM
  • Monthly meeting dates will be announced
Participants are selected based on:
  • Being a leader of color with 6-10 years of work experience
  • Currently managing two or more people
  • Their drive to secure an advanced leadership role in their organization and increase job performance
Next Steps: If this might sound interesting for any of your colleagues, please forward this email and have them complete the Interest Form by Friday, July 22nd. Please note we are only accepting one nomination per community partner at this time. As part of the application process, candidates will have a 20-minutecallwith the program facilitators Tirza Barnes and Mahdi Davenport in the coming weeks.
Jorge Jorge Altamirano Manager, Research and Digital Assets ROBIN HOOD 826 Broadway, 9th Floor New York, NY 10003 (212) 844-3540 WWW.ROBINHOOD.ORG