Our Schools

Eagle Academies in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Newark, Harlem and Staten Island are traditional public schools, enrolling young men from their surrounding areas.

Our Scholars are selected through a lottery system, operated by the NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE). Our Scholars are not pre-screened or selected based on any testing, our schools take all comers as the NYC DOE assigns them to us.

rate of students with I.E.P's
City average for students in special education

Eagle Bronx

4143 Third Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457
587 students
Grades 6-12
Principal: Hector Velazquez

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Eagle Ocean Hill/Brownsville

1137 Herkimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233
617 Students
Grades: 6-12
Principal: Rashad Meade

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Eagle Southeast, Queens

171-10 Linden Boulevard
Queens, NY 11434
518 Students
Grades: 6-12
Principal: Cedric Hall

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Eagle Newark

79 Chancellor Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112
187 Students
Grades: 6-12
Principal: Semone Morant

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Eagle Harlem

6 Edgecombe Avenue
Harlem, NY 10030
207 Students
Grades: 6-11
Principal: Mahaliel Bethea

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Eagle Staten Island

101 Warren Street
Staten Island, NY 10304
127 Students
Grades: 6-10
Principal: Jermaine Cameron

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