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The 2023 Above & Beyond: Innovators

Echoing Common's lines from 'The 6th Sense', "I just want to innovate and stimulate minds, travel the world and penetrate the times" - my journey has been aligned to that.
The Eagle Institute - July 2023 - Eagle Academy Foundation (2)

EAF’s Summer Institute Returns!

Reflecting on the dynamic three-day journey of our Eagle Summer Institute, we remain in awe of the commitment, wisdom, and spirited engagement that was shared by all attendees.
2023 June graduation ceremony at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Ocean Hill

2023 Eagle Academy Graduation

On behalf of the Eagle Academy Foundation, CONGRATULATIONS to our Principals, educators, school staff, parents, and caretakers across the Eagle Network.

Teacher Appreciation

soaring: the Blog Teacher Appreciation The six Eagle Academy for Young Men public schools are often celebrated for the incredible and inspiring results the young men display socially, emotionally, and...

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