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Reflecting on the dynamic three-day journey of our Eagle Summer Institute, we remain in awe of the commitment, wisdom, and spirited engagement that was shared by all attendees…

Summer 2023


The success of the Eagle model is replicable in communities worldwide via the Eagle Institute - an audacious response to scale the Foundation’s impact for more young men of color. We train, coach, consult, and convene adults nationwide on effective male student engagement strategies and practices from Eagle’s experiences to fill this knowledge gap in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

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 Enhances educators’ capabilities to meet the needs of male students of color.


Increases the number of schools with positive cultures and interventions to support the academic achievement and social-emotional flourishing of Black and Latino male students.


Influences policy changes with evidenced-based research, tactics and programs for engaging and developing high achieving young men of color.


The Eagle Academy Foundation’s provision of technical experience is both wide and deep. Through our extensive cross-school network of experienced Eagle educators and Eagle Institute consultants, we are equipped to provide swift response technical assistance and support across a broad variety of areas. The range of offerings includes training, coaching, school design and development consulting, school climate and culture diagnostic and evaluative studies, turnaround strategies, and scaling of best practices for effectively engaging young men of color.

Educators and school leaders nationwide have approached EAF to adapt its proven Eagle Model given the crisis for young men of color is immense and urgent. Moreover, The Eagle Academy Foundation’s annual professional development conferences have served over 1,000 U.S. educators and school leaders since 2008.

The Eagle Academy Foundation has developed and maintains an exceptional team of professional staff and a network of education consultants nationwide. Our professional staff and consultants are all highly accomplished educational leaders and recognized experts in the fields of Black and Latino male achievement, school design and development, diagnostic review, school culture and climate improvement, relational learning, mentoring, and change management.

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