Join us for an immersive three-day experience grounded in Eagle Model strategies,

proven practices,

and facilitated action planning for effectively engaging young men of color.


RATE: $5,000 per School Solutions Team or District Team (covers all content, activities, meals and materials over the course of three days).

A School Solutions Team consists of 5 key influencers of climate & culture per school, which includes mandatory attendance by the Principal.

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The crisis for young men of color is immense and urgent. Educators and school leaders across the country have approached EAF to learn about and adapt its proven model. Eagle has the experience to build the capacity of educators and school leaders. Over the past four years, EAF led annual professional development conferences serving up to 600 educators and school leaders. The Eagle Institute will support the development of school leaders and educators to improve the life outcomes of boys of color by:• Training school leaders, educators and student teachers on the Eagle model, which will better equip them to work with male students of color• Providing in-depth strategic consultation and implementation support to schools nationwide in order to deliver the Eagle model

Eagle Academy Foundation seeks to improve the academic and life trajectories of young men of color by broadening the reach of its proven model.

The Eagle Institute will increase the number of schools with positive cultures and interventions intended to support the academic achievement and socio-emotional flourishing of Black and Latino male students.

The Eagle Institute will enhance the capability of school educators to effectively meet the needs of male students of color.

The Eagle Institute will be an active lab for producing much needed research and development of effective tactics and programs for engaging and developing high achieving young men of color.

Investment Opportunity

EAF intends to work with local traditional public schools to share effective practices to educate and support young men of color. Through the Eagle Institute, the investment of training and support for the educators of existing public schools will improve the outcomes for young men of color in those schools. 

Although 50% of students come to the Eagle schools performing below grade level and 25% arrive with special needs, Eagle creates a community where high expectations and unconditional love allow Black and Latino boys to thrive: • At Eagle 73% of special needs Eagle scholars graduate high school, as compared to 13% of special needs students in New York City.



EAF leadership will manage the Eagle Institute working with its own Eagle educators to provide training and technical support to other educators in public schools to improve the education outcomes of young men of color in those schools.

“Eagle Academy is a wonderful place.We have show that it works.We have shown that it’s good for society and well worth the investment.”- Michael BloombergFormer Mayor of New York City